Welcome to Youth and AIDS Projects

Prevention Program

Our Prevention Program aims to prevent transmission of HIV to and from 13 to 24 year-old young men who have sex with men (YMSM) and to improve the capacity of providers and parents to meet these young people's prevention needs.

HIV Risk Assessment
Upon enrollment, all clients complete an individual risk assessment with one of two counselor/case managers. These sessions are scheduled at the clients' conveniences in a variety of locations. The initial assessment provides the case manager a baseline of information for individualized education and risk-reduction counseling and also allows us to monitor subsequent changes in knowledge and attitudes about HIV/AIDS and other STI's (sexually transmitted infections), and risk behaviors. At the same time we are gathering information from a client, the client is receiving valuable information about HIV/AIDS and other STI transmission, and learning (and thinking) about his own level of risk.

Peer Education
After the individual assessment and risk-reduction counseling, clients are invited to a one-and-one-half-hour peer education session at the YAP offices. The sessions are generally facilitated by 2 paid peer leaders who have participated as clients in the prevention program and who have been nominated to their positions by YAP counselor/case managers. The peer education program for new clients contains a welcome and introduction to AIDS prevention, a viewing of the videotape "Mavis Davis' Safe Sex Video," a demonstration of condom use, and two group exercises that illustrate the spectrum of risk associated with various sexual and drug use behaviors. The program also offers opportunities for questions, one-to-one conversation, role-playing responses to risky situations, and summary remarks. Clients receive payment of $30 for their time after the peer education session.

Referral Services
After peer education, the counselor/case manager may want to meet again with a client to correct any remaining misinformation and to set individual goals for AIDS prevention. Youth who are in need of additional medical (including HIV testing and hepatitis vaccine), mental health, chemical dependency, or social services are offered appropriate referrals at this time. Whenever possible, clients are encouraged to involve their parents and families in the planning and implementation of referral services.

Clients are scheduled for a follow-up assessment within approximately three months of the initial interview. The purpose is to monitor short-term change in knowledge, attitudes, and behavior, to reinforce learning, and to encourage progress. Clients are paid $10 for their time upon the completion of the final interview.

Participants are paid $10 for each eligible referred client who completes the initial interview process.

This program is open to 13 to 21 year-old young men who have sex with men (YMSM). To enroll, please contact Val Smith.