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Overview of Services

Prevention Programs
In the US, half of teen and young adult AIDS cases involve high risk sex between men. Reaching gay and bisexual youth is critical to stem the tide of AIDS. YAP's current HIV prevention program is for 13-24 year old men who have sex with men. It includes individual risk assessment, risk reduction education counseling, peer education, referral to other needed medical, psychosocial services, and longitudinal follow-up. Clients help each other by sharing experiences, advice, and friendship.

In addition, YAP participates with the University of Minnesota Center for HIV/STI Intervention and Prevention Studies in the Men's Internet Study II. The aims are to study the Internet-related behaviors of men who have sex with men and to develop and evaluate an interactive prevention intervention. » Learn more

HIV Counseling and Testing Services
Voluntary HIV counseling and testing is an essential element of prevention programs for youth. YAP offers counseling and testing to youth 13-24. Testing at YAP uses oral fluid, eliminating needles and blood. The OraSure HIV antibody counseling and testing program serves the clients of YAP's prevention programs, adolescent women at risk for HIV infection, and any adolescent and adult men and women who are the sexual and/or drug-use partners of YAP's HIV+ clients. » Learn more

Services for Adolescents who are HIV+
Locally and nationally, the care of youth living with HIV/AIDS has fallen far behind services for younger children and adults. Youth living with HIV/AIDS face formidable personal and institutional barriers to medical and psychosocial care. To remedy the gap in services, YAP provides case management services to youth, their partners, and family living with HIV infection and AIDS. » Learn more

Tobacco Prevention Services and Research
YAP is a member of the Tobacco-free Lavender Communities (TLC), a grass-roots group of individuals and agencies working to reduce the harm of tobacco in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Membership and monthly meetings are open to any interested parties. YAP also conducts research to study the impact of sexuality on tobacco use by young people. » Learn more

For more information about programs, please call us at 612-627-6820 or email yap@umn.edu.

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